Amazfit T-Rex 2 Review (2022)

Our Verdict

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 is a great option for those who want a GPS sports watch with a smartwatch screen, and its hardy design makes it a cheaper alternative to the Garmin Instinct 2.


  • Great value
  • AMOLED screen
  • Long battery life


  • Screen can be hard to read in sunlight
  • Design won’t suit everyone
  • Navigation features not ready at launch
  • Can’t pair external sensors

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  • Price And Availability
  • Design
  • Sports Tracking
  • GPS And HR Accuracy
  • Activity And Sleep Tracking
  • Battery Life
  • Is It Worth It?

Amazfit has a history of making surprisingly good trackers that undercut the competition, but the bewildering array of models can be off-putting. The T-Rex 2 stands out as the top option for sporty users and one that can genuinely compete with the best running watches like the Garmin Instinct 2 – and even offer a budget alternative to the all-conquering Garmin Fenix 7.

The T-Rex 2 meets military standards for toughness according to Amazfit, and tops it off with a bright AMOLED screen. It offers accurate tracking across a multitude of sports modes and a long battery life even with heavy use, and it costs far less than the competition.

Amazift T-Rex 2: Price And Availability

The T-Rex 2 is available in three colours: black, shiny black and gold, and black with green accents, with the latter also coming with a green strap. All the watches are sold with a silicone strap and cost $229.99 in the US and £219 in the UK.

The Garmin Instinct 2, by way of comparison, costs $349.99/£299.


The T-Rex 2 is one tough character, having passed 15 military-grade durability tests. It can survive and even thrive in temperatures as high as 70°C and as low as -40°C, and is similarly unperturbed by high pressure or humidity. It’s also waterproof rated to 10 ATM, which means as well as being able to cope with swimming and snorkelling, it can be worn during high-speed water sports.

Despite this, it feels quite light on the wrist, partly because the case is made from a metal-sprayed polymer rather than actually being metal. To ensure it still looks the part, Amazfit has made a load of screws visible and chucked a metal bit on the right-hand side, which doesn’t seem to serve much purpose aside from perhaps stopping you from bumping the stop/start and back buttons.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 Review (1)

The watch has four buttons rather than the five you typically see on GPS sports watches, but otherwise has a similar look to a Garmin Fenix. The major difference is that the T-Rex 2 has a bright 1.39in 454x454 pixel AMOLED touchscreen, rather than the transflective screen on the Fenix (although the Garmin Epix 2 does have a lovely AMOLED screen).

As you’d expect the T-Rex also has an optical heart rate sensor, plus a barometric altimeter and all the usual sensors including a pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen saturation. You can’t pair external sensors like chest strap heart rate monitors, unfortunately.

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Sports Tracking

Amazfit T-Rex 2 Review (2)

The T-Rex 2 has over 158 sports modes, including triathlon, multisport and open-water swimming modes. You can set up basic interval workouts for many of these on the watch, including running, cycling and swimming, or set overall workout goals based on things like distance or calories.

You can edit the data screens you see for each sport and the range of stats available is better than I’ve seen on comparable sporty smartwatches from, for example, Huawei, if not quite as wide-reaching as what you’ll get on a dedicated sports watch from Garmin or Coros.

The workouts you track feed into basic training analysis that shows your VO2 max, a suggested recovery time and info on your overall training load. Even bearing in mind I was only able to use the watch for a couple of weeks, this training analysis didn’t really ring true for me, with its suggestions that I could exercise again perfectly well even after hard running workouts on back-to-back days.

A bigger gripe was that the screen is not always that easy to read outdoors, especially when it’s very sunny. When you set it to always-on, your stats do stay on the screen at all times but are too dim to read until you lift your wrist and activate the raise-to-wake feature. That takes a couple of seconds – a long time to hold your wrist in one position during a hard run – and even then the screen is not that bright. I’ve found the AMOLED screens on the Huawei smartwatches and Garmin Epix 2 much easier to see in bright conditions.

During outdoor activities you also get a breadcrumb trail of your route and can activate a “back to start” pointer to help you get home if you do get lost. The T-Rex 2 will also offer directed navigation on routes you can load from the partner app, but this wasn’t available during my testing time.

GPS And HR Accuracy

When in “accuracy mode”, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 offers multi-band GPS tracking using five satellite systems at once (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou and QZSS). On paper this is the gold standard for GPS tracking, but I’ve found that performance varies quite a lot across devices. In my testing, Garmin’s multi-band watches tend to be very good and the Coros Vertix 2 is pretty good, but Huawei’s multi-band devices don’t outperform standard GPS trackers.

The T-Rex 2 falls somewhere between the very good and pretty good categories. On several runs it matched the Garmin Epix 2 in tracking my pace and distance accurately even in tricky GPS conditions, such as under tree cover or when running small loops, something I do quite often when doing workouts on the road. It did occasionally go a bit rogue and log slow 1km laps, but overall I’d say it’s a reliable GPS tracker that serious runners could use happily to pace their runs.

I was also pretty impressed by the heart rate tracking, which was more accurate than usual for an optical sensor. At the start of several runs it had the wrong reading but after a kilometre or two it would lock on to the correct heart rate (when compared with a chest strap’s readings) and stick with it even through intervals.

Overall the T-Rex 2 performed well for both GPS and HR accuracy, though I’d still be much happier if it was possible to pair an external heart rate monitor to it.

Activity And Sleep Tracking

Amazfit T-Rex 2 Review (3)

(Video) Amazfit T Rex 2 Review From 2 Runners: Great cheap Fenix and Instinct rival?

Along with the usual activity tracking stats like steps, active minutes and stand goals, the T-Rex 2 has Amazfit’s Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) measure. This is a personalised score based on heart rate where you earn points for spending time in higher heart rate zones, and the goal is to keep yours above 100 by staying active.

It’s a little nebulous, and I don’t think it’s any more useful than just tracking active minutes to make sure you hit 150 a week in line with WHO targets. However, Amazfit says that people who maintain a PAI score over 100 do have a lower risk of things like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

As well as tracking your sleep the T-Rex 2 can also log daytime naps if they’re more than 20 minutes long, something I was unfortunately unable to test during my time with the watch. The sleep tracking accuracy seemed a little up and down for me: the watch would sometimes be too generous in overall time asleep and then sometimes underestimate the time I took to fall asleep.

I do like that you can log things around your sleep in the partner Zepp app and build a sleep diary in there, covering things like what you were doing before going to sleep (options include reading, taking a bath, playing games, boozing), and what your wake-up mood was. Even if the data isn’t always spot-on, you can match this kind of info to your sleep trends over time.

Battery Life

Battery life is undoubtedly a strong point on the T-Rex 2, which Amazfit says will last 24 days with general usage, or 10 days of heavy use. I used it heavily, turning on the always-on screen and using the most accurate GPS mode. I run almost every day and also logged cycling and yoga sessions with the watch, which still lasted eight days on a charge, a period that included eight hours of outdoor running.

That’s better than the Garmin Epix 2, though the Epix 2 does offer a brighter screen during activities and a better always-on watch face than the T-Rex 2. I also have little doubt that the watch would last a couple of weeks easily even with regular running if you had the always-on screen off and set the GPS mode to balanced. The GPS battery life listed is 26 hours in accuracy mode, 50 hours in balanced and 58 hours in power-saving mode.

Is The Amazfit T-Rex 2 Worth It?

I found little to fault with the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and it’s certainly worth its relatively modest price. It would be good value even at $300/£300, offering impressive and accurate sports tracking and long battery life in a watch with an AMOLED screen.

The design isn’t all that nice, in my opinion, but that is a matter of taste and I didn’t hate having the watch on my wrist. It’s light and comfortable, and has a range of appealing watch faces.

It’s cheaper and, for me, more aesthetically appealing than the Garmin Instinct 2, and while the Zepp app and software on the watch aren’t as good as the Garmin software in general, it’s still better than OK and fairly intuitive to use.

I also prefer the T-Rex 2 to the Huawei GT 3 Pro and Huawei GT Runner watches, which are more expensive as well. The Huawei devices have nicer designs with better screens, provide more insightful training analysis, and offer music storage, but the T-Rex 2 is more accurate for sports tracking and its app and user interface are easier to use.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 Review (4)

Nick Harris-Fry

Nick Harris-Fry is a journalist who has been covering health and fitness since 2015. Nick is an avid runner, covering 70-110km a week, which gives him ample opportunity to test a wide range of running shoes and running gear. He is also the chief tester for fitness trackers and running watches, treadmills and exercise bikes, and workout headphones.

(Video) Amazfit T-Rex 2 - Multi-Band GPS, Long Battery Life, and AMOLED for $229?!
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Amazfit T-Rex 2 Review? ›

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 is a powerful, chunky beast which looks and feels impressively rugged. It's a great outdoors watch, but a few small accuracy issues and some less intuitive on-the-fly controls prevent it from being a budget Garmin-killer.

Is Amazfit T-Rex good? ›

Amazfit T-Rex Pro is not for everyone and it does not try to be, though it has a relatively affordable price of Rs 12,999. It has buttons for navigation, which is a big positive for someone who is not fond of swiping on a small screen. It does everything a fitness smartwatch does and more.

Is Amazfit T-Rex Pro worth buying? ›

Amazfit T-rex Pro review: verdict

The Amazfit T-rex Pro is in many ways very impressive, the battery life is good, it's easy to strap on and use, and the sensors are diverse.

Can Amazfit T-Rex receive calls? ›

The device has a speaker and microphone that allow you to answer calls made to your smartphone.

Is Amazfit T-Rex heart rate accuracy? ›

5>Heart Beat data is 95% accurate. 6> Calorie data is also 95% accurate. 7> Strap is good so can be fit at any wrist.

Does T-Rex have GPS? ›

The watch uses a high-end Sony GPS chip and built-in highly precise dual-satellite positioning system.

Does Amazfit T-Rex have GPS? ›

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smartwatch Fitness Watch with SpO2, Heart Rate, Sleep Monitor, Sports Watch with Over 100 Sports Modes, 10 ATM Waterproof, 18 Day Battery Life, GPS (Meteorite Black)

Who owns Amazfit? ›

Zepp Health

Is Trex worth buying? ›

Yes absolutely, The Durability of T-Rex amazfit is amazing. The screen quality. Rigidness.

Is Amazfit T-Rex touch screen? ›

Display: Amazfit T-Rex is equipped with a round 1.30 inch AMOLED screen with a 360x360 resolution. Touch screen: The touch screen uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which can effectively resist scratches arising from daily use.

Who makes Amazfit T-Rex? ›

Zepp Health (formerly Huami) introduced its first rugged smartwatch – the Amazfit T-Rex – back at CES 2020; one year on and a successor – in the T-Rex Pro – emerges; offering subtle improvements on the same familiar 'tough watch' recipe.

Does Amazfit T-Rex have oxygen sensor? ›

No, the Amazfit T-Rex do not support SpO2, ECG and blood pressure detection, but the Amazfit T-Rex supports sleep monitoring, heart rate detection.

Which Amazfit has ECG? ›

Amazfit Smartwatch 2 ECG review | 122 facts and highlights.

Does Amazon own Amazfit? ›

Huami's own wearable brand is Amazfit, and the company's low-priced Amazfit Bip is widely available to US customers on Amazon.

How does Amazfit T-Rex measure stress? ›

Keep the watch connected to your phone, open the app, go to Profile >Amazfit T-Rex Pro > Health Monitoring, and set the function. 3、 If all-day pressure monitoring is disabled, you can access the Stress app for measurement at any time and view and record the results.

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 review – we test the outdoor mapping and improved battery life – but is this a budget outdoor watch worth buying?

For $229/£219, the T-Rex 2 gives you a watch that can survive in extreme heat and cold, has sports tracking modes aplenty and sensors like heart rate, a barometric altimeter and an SpO2 sensor.. (Left to right) Amazfit T-Rex 2, T-Rex Pro and T-Rex. Until now, the T-Rex has felt more outdoor watch in look, but beyond some dedicated activity modes, it's felt more like a sports watch.. It's fair to say there's no shortage of sports tracking features on the T-Rex 2 and there's some welcome new modes that didn't appear on the T-Rex Pro that should make the sports tracking experience an even better one.. We stuck to using it in that high accuracy mode and found in general accuracy fared pretty well up against the highly accurate multi-band mode on Garmin's Forerunner 955 and Epix watches.. Amazfit includes its Biotracker 3.0 sensor, which we found performed well against a MyZone MZ-3 heart rate monitor chest strap for steady paced runs, but like a lot of optical sensors delivered low average HR data and a difference of around 5-6bpm for maximum heart rate readings for higher effort level runs.. Open water swim tracking on watches in general isn't fantastic, and it feels like it's a bit of a similar story here.. Things were slightly better for indoor rows, where stroke counts and average stroke rates largely matched up with tracking on those Garmin watches, though heart rate data was wildly off at times.. It also offers features like guided breathing exercises, blood oxygen tracking and menstrual cycle tracking to enhance its health and wellness tracking capabilities.. When you're tracking sleep, you're getting a breakdown of sleep stages, sleep duration, a sleep score and you can additionally turn on sleep breathing quality tracking, which remains a beta feature.. If you care about monitoring your heart, you should decide the interval measurement rate you want to track that heart rate with 1 minute tracking intervals having a more noticeable impact on battery life.. Looking at the average all-day heart rate data and it posted similar resting heart rate data, but average heart rate in general was higher than what both Oura and Garmin reported.. Thankfully, the T-Rex 2 isn't a watch you need to worry about charging on a regular basis and overall shows good levels of stamina even in tracking mode.. The Amazfit T-Rex 2 is the type of outdoor watch we hoped the original T-Rex would be.

A great outdoors watch with some small accuracy issues

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 positions itself as a cost-effective rival to the best running watches and Garmin watches like the Instinct 2 or Forerunner series, and a companion to take on your outdoor adventures.. The Amazfit T-Rex 2 is out now, released in May 2022.. It’s priced at $229.99 in the US and £219.99 in the UK.. (Image credit: Matt Evans) Chunky and robust Beautiful bright screen Non-intuitive app. 150 sports modes Smart ExerSense algorithm Expansive battery life. There’s a whole host of other modes from skiing to outdoor swimming to indoor strength training, but we obviously didn’t have time to test them all.. It offers good sleep tracking capabilities, strength training exercise recognition, and tools like the in-built barometer and compass suited for the watch’s primary audience: adventure enthusiasts.. I tested the Amazfit T-Rex 2 over two weeks, and the battery life certainly held up to expectation.. This is where I had issues with the GPS and controls.. If you’re looking for a feature-stuffed adventure watch on a budget, the T-Rex 2 is far from the worst choice you can make.

With a tough build, OLED display, and extra-long battery life, the T-Rex 2 is an easy adventure watch to recommend

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 is a rugged sports watch that's a direct rival to devices like the Garmin Instinct 2 and the Polar Grit X – and it's one of the best GPS watches in its class.. Like its predecessors, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 sports a bright OLED screen, which is the same tech that gives devices like the Apple Watch their vibrant displays.. The edge of the Amazfit T-Rex 2 sports a metal bumper to protect the 'start' and 'back' buttons (Image credit: Future)Another of the T-Rex 2's standout features is its price.. Although most expensive than its predecessors, the T-Rex and T-Rex Pro, it's half the price of many similarly specced watches from bigger brands.. Select an activity to track and the icon will turn green once the T-Rex 2 has established a lock (Image credit: Future)GPS accuracy proved impressive, and the watch tracked our pre-measured 5km run to within a handful of meters.. The Amazfit T-Rex 2 offers impressive GPS tracking (Image credit: Future)Amazfit claims up to 24-day battery life or 10 days in heavy useage (a big upgrade from the T-Rex Pro) and my tests bore this out.. The Amazfit T-Rex 2 syncs with the Zepp mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android (Image credit: Future)Unlike the vast majority of smartwatches, Amazfit's devices are able to detect naps and factor them into your recovery stats.. There's a huge array of alternative watch faces available to download for the Amazfit T-Rex 2 (Image credit: Future)Amazfit's app store is home to a small selection of additional tools that you can download to your watch.

Amazfit is een bekende naam op de smartwatchmarkt en de fabrikant heeft een uitgebreid assortiment aan wearables. Een aantal maanden geleden hebben wij een review geschreven over de Amazfit GTR 3, waarover wij erg...

Bij een smartwatch is de inhoud vaak beperkt en dat is bij de Amazfit T-Rex 2 niet anders.. De Amazfit T-Rex 2 heeft vier drukknoppen, twee aan de linkerkant en twee aan de rechterkant.. Het AMOLED-scherm heeft mooie scherpe kleuren en een maximale helderheid van 1000 NITS, waardoor het scherm ook buitenshuis goed leesbaar is.. Deze oplaadkabel maakt gebruik van magneten om automatisch op de juiste plaats te vallen.. Design is natuurlijk subjectief, waardoor niet iedereen het met ons eens zal zijn, maar voor een robuuste smartwatch vinden wij dat de Amazfit T-Rex 2 een mooie uitstraling heeft en zeker niet onderdoet aan concurrerende en duurdere robuuste smartwatches.. Mensen die dagelijks sporten met de GPS-functie ingeschakeld zullen een andere ervaring hebben, maar de meeste consumenten kunnen in ieder geval rekenen op een accuduur van zo’n twee weken.. De smartwatches van Amazfit draaien namelijk niet op Google’s Wear OS, maar op het eigen besturingssysteem Zepp OS.. Zepp OS heeft wel een kleine “App Store”, maar de paar beschikbare applicaties zijn voor de meeste gebruikers niet interessant.. De Amazfit T-Rex 2 is duidelijk gemaakt om mee te sporten, wat niet alleen te zien is aan het uiterlijk, de indrukwekkende GPS en de lange accuduur, maar ook aan de 150 work-outs waaruit je kunt kiezen.. Standaard staan een paar watchfaces voorgeïnstalleerd, maar via de Zepp-app op je smartphone krijg je toegang tot een hele grote collectie watchfaces die je kunt downloaden.. De smartwatch heeft een stoere uitstraling met een mooi helder scherm en dankzij de robuuste behuizing hoef je je geen zorgen te maken wanneer je de smartwatch draagt in ruigere omstandigheden.. Net als bij de Amazfit GTR 3, waarover wij eerder dit jaar al een review hebben geschreven, kun je rekenen op een accuduur van een paar weken.. Op dit gebied doen Wear OS-smartwatches het een stuk beter, want dergelijke smartwatches hebben toegang tot de Google Play Store.. Het Zepp OS besturingssysteem werkt wel vloeiend en is eenvoudig te bedienen.. Nadelen – Bij de Zepp-app op de smartphone is het soms even zoeken waar wat staat– Geen toegang tot Google Play Store– Door de robuustere behuizing niet ideaal voor slanke polsen De Amazfit T-Rex 2 krijgt een adviesprijs mee van 229 euro.

En 2020 Amazfit presentaba su T-Rex. Un reloj en calidad-precio orientado al uso en deportes de alta montaña, atletismo, entrenamiento intensivo de fuerza y...

Al igual que en la generación pasada, Amazfit promete que su T-Rex 2 cuenta con hasta 15 "certificaciones militares" bajo el protocolo de resistencia MIL-STD-810G .. No obstante, hay buena parte de marketing aquí, y es que sin ir más lejos Amazfit nos recomienda quitarnos el T-Rex 2 en la ducha , ya que el vapor "puede afectar al sellado del dispositivo".. Si bien "ha cogido kilitos" respecto a la generación anterior, tan solo pesa 66 gramos, lo que lo hace sorprendentemente ligero para lo grueso que es.. A nivel de diseño es muy similar al T-Rex.. En resumidas cuentas, el Amazfit T-Rex 2 es un reloj voluminoso , algo incómodo para el día a día (sobre todo para dormir), pero que llega con el fin de ser lo más resistente posible, por lo que no busca ser el más estilizado ni el más elegante.. La pantalla crece considerablemente esta generación, desde las 1,3 pulgadas del T-Rex hasta las 1,39 pulgadas para esta generación, respetando la tecnología AMOLED.. La pantalla del Amazfit T-Rex 2 es más grande y con más resolución.. Si el GPS es algo importante para nosotros a la hora de comprar un reloj, el T-Rex 2 se desenvuelve bien.. Aunque desde el reloj podemos gestionar buena parte de las configuraciones, el principal centro operativo es la app.. Hemos de apuntar que la app no está demasiado bien diseñada y es bastante caótica.. No obstante, el software tiene mucho margen de mejora, tanto en el propio reloj como en la app de Zeep.. Hay que ir a la pantalla principal, pulsar sobre el icono de menú, irse a "actividades" y ya, desde ahí, podemos ver los entrenos que hemos hecho.. El Amazfit T-Rex 2 prácticamente ha duplicado su precio respecto al T-Rex de primera generación.. Mejora bastante en batería, pantalla y, marginalmente, a nivel de rendimiento y experiencia de uso.. Los 229 euros de los que parte hacen que el Amazfit T-Rex sea su principal enemigo , ya que la distancia entre uno y otro es bastante corta.

It's the same rugged T-Rex but with improved water endurance, a second-gen optical tracker and new software features.

Body: 47.7 x 47.7 x 13.5 mm, 59g (with strap), non-standard strap; 10 ATM water resistance (supports swimming) and STD-MIL-810G certification; Tempered glass + oleophobic coating; Polymer body, metal buttons Display: 1.3" AMOLED, Resolution 360 x 360 pixels, support AOD watchface OS: Proprietary; Support for Android 5.0 and above, iOS 10.0 and above Battery: 390mAh (18 days typical use, 66 days basic watch mode, 40 hours continuous GPS tracking) Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 + BLE; GPS+GLONASS Misc: BioTracker 2 PPG biological tracking optical sensor, 3-axis acceleration sensor, 3-axis gyroscope sensor, geomagnetic sensor, Ambient light sensor, Barometric altimeter. In terms of size, I find the T-Rex Pro’s display to be the optimal middle ground for ease of use and touch input while not sitting like a water meter on your wrist as some larger watches tend to do.. The new version of Amazfit’s custom watch user interface on the T-Rex Pro features some slight improvements over the original T-Rex.. The software experience on the T-Rex Pro is definitely usable and the Zepp app brings plenty of detailed metrics for workout and health tracking data.. With its comfortable fit, capable spec sheet and detailed sports tracking metrics the Amazfit T-Rex Pro brings a balanced smartwatch offering that should suit most casual users.

An affordable fitness watch wrapped in a retro rugged design

The T-Rex Pro looks almost exactly like the original Amazfit T-Rex .. (Image credit: Jamie Carter)A 47.7mm radius watch that’s 13.5mm thick, the T-Rex Pro is a chunky polycarbonate product that has a relatively masculine look, but its paltry 59.4g means it never feels heavy when being worn.. (Image credit: Jamie Carter)The tempered glass touchscreen is plenty responsive enough, which makes the T-Rex Pro a pleasure to use while on the move.. (Image credit: Jamie Carter)Although Zepp state that the T-Rex Pro has an ‘up to’ 18-day battery, it became clear that this applies only if you don’t really do any exercise.. Slightly less if you customize the T-Rex Pro to say, emit a haptic buzz every time you run a mile, or you set the display to be at maximum brightness and ‘always-on’ (though it does need to be on maximum brightness to be read easily during strong sunlight).. Although a more capable version of the original T-Rex which we reviewed last year , like its forbear the T-Rex Pro is a good performing and great value smartwatch option that isn’t without its limitations.. (Image credit: Jamie Carter)So during and after a run, you’ll get at-a-glance data on the time elapsed, calories burned, your average heart rate, and even finer detail like cadence, average stride, speed, elevation changes, and heart rate zones.. (Image credit: Jamie Carter)There are two ways to track your activity; let the T-Rex Pro auto-detect it, or physically hit the mode button and scroll down until you get to your intended activity – such as outdoor running, walking, treadmill, trail running, indoor walking (to mention just five of 24 activities in the list – though you can manually add more).. (Image credit: Jamie Carter)The T-Rex Pro is also not the perfect bedfellow.. (Image credit: Jamie Carter)More seriously, the T-Rex Pro doesn’t link up to third-party apps, so if you’re already in a groove with a fitness tracking app like Strava, MyFitnessPal or RunKeeper and merely wanted to use it to improve on the data your collecting then you’re out of luck.


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