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Send 50th Birthday Gifts to your Loved Ones with My Pooja BoxWhat can you get the person who is celebrating his/her 50th birthday? Well, the task may seem difficult but with the help of My Pooja Box unique and authentic 50th birthday gift collection, you can get the...

Send 50th Birthday Gifts to your Loved Ones with My Pooja BoxWhat can you get the person who is celebrating his/her 50th birth...

Send 50th Birthday Gifts to your Loved Ones with My Pooja Box

What can you get the person who is celebrating his/her 50th birthday? Well, the task may seem difficult but with the help of My Pooja Box unique and authentic 50th birthday gift collection, you can get the best ones for your dad, mom, uncle, aunt or any relative. Hitting the 50th mark is surely a milestone and accomplishment and the person should be honored with the best birthday party ever. It's a day that should be well planned and don't forget to include our amazing gift collection at the celebrations.

Why is the 50th Birthday Special?

The day signifies that a person has healthily come a long way and hence should be celebrated in a grand way. It's a great time to reflect on everything that a person has achieved so far and think about what's ahead. Though nobody wants to get older, it's an inevitable truth that time does not stop for anyone so it's better to live and laugh to the fullest as much as we can instead of regretting it at the end. If you are looking for the best 50th birthday gifts, you have come to the right place. This is the most special day for the respective person and he or she deserves to be gifted the best present possible.

Online Birthday Gifts for 50 Year Old Man

The question of the hour is what a 50-year-old man would like? Well, it's a tricky question and you might feel puzzled as to what to buy as 50th birthday gift. Worry not; My Pooja Box has the answer. Lamps, specialized candles, and religious gifts are loved by all and when they are made with superior quality materials and have great healing power, they become all more special.

Aroma diffuser is also a great gift for a 50-year-old man as it's an attractive home décor item as well helps enhance the aura of the house. To help bring positivity in his life, you can also get him Himalayan Salt lamp that helps enhance the outlook of any room. If your dad or uncle is a religious person, you can browse through the collection available at My Pooja Box. Get a gold plated photo frame, Bhagavad Gita Gift Box, Golden Leafy Urli, Gods and Goddesses idols to impress him effortlessly.

End your search for gifts for a 50-year-old man here at My Pooja Box and make the day extra special for him.

50th Birthday Gifts for Women

If there is a 50th birthday party coming up then you need to be prepared with the best 50th birthday gift for women so that you can impress your mom, aunt or relative easily. There are various kinds of tea light candle holders available that can work as a home décor item and look aesthetically pleasing as well. Scented candles are one of the best 50th birthday gifts for women that will bring a smile to your loved one's face.

We understand that you will want to make the 50th birthday special with a lavish and delightful gift and choosing something unique from My Pooja Box will add warmth and love to the whole surprise.

Make it a Special Birthday with a Surprise Party

Shopping for just a gift is not enough as you need to make it a special occasion. Here are a few tips on how you can make it a memorable day along with buying online birthday gifts for a 50-year-old woman.

Invite your aunt or uncle’s close friends and relatives and plan a surprise party for them. You can even select a theme as per their liking and turn it into a theme party. Plan a few games that can keep everyone busy and entertained, turn it into a DJ night and let them have the time of their lives.

Make 50th Birthday Special with My Pooja Box

Flora Dessert Set – Who does not love looking at pretty crockery sets? At My Pooja Box, you can get access to various kinds of Flora Dessert Sets that look captivating and work as a great 50th Birthday gift.

Diya Holders – Lighting inside the house creates a positive and enchanting ambiance and Diya holders work great as a birthday gift. They come in different shapes and sizes as per your preference and hence can be given as 50th birthday present to make your relative or family member happier.

Urli Stand Urli is linked with peace, harmony, and wealth and if one keeps it filled with water inside their house, it is said to increase the flow of money. Urli works great as a home décor item as it gives a rich and elegant look to the whole space. You can keep floating candles in it, flower petals or even real diyas to turn it into a décor masterpiece.

Gold Plated Photo Frames – Nothing speaks of elegance and richness as much as Gold does and with Gold plated religious photo frames, you can try and be the best son or daughter. They look luxurious and are pocket-friendly too when you shop them at My Pooja Box. Pair it with a religious idol or a scented candle set and turn it into the best 50th birthday present ever.

There is an option to buy a gold foiled key chain set that your aunt or uncle can keep with themselves all the time and remember you always. When it comes to religious gifts you have an option of Hanuman Chalisa, Bhagavad Gita set and Shiv Parvati Box as well.

50th birthday celebrations need to be grand and memorable and you should not leave any stone unturned in making it one. As far as the gifting part is concerned, you can leave the responsibility to My Pooja Box. Our every gift speaks of love and warmth and it is sure to bring happiness to the recipient’s face.

50th b’day is indeed a special one. What can be a better day to celebrate the journey of life, lived to reach this milestone. If you are looking for unique gifts for your dear one celebrating this auspicious occasion, then check out My Pooja Box gifts collection.

We offer a wide range of exquisite gifts perfect for 50th birthdays. You can pick the eco friendly Ganesha, 24K Gold Foil Khanda Oval Keychain made from pure gold foil, 24K Gold Foil Panchmukhi Ganesha Card Frame, 24k Gold foil Buddhipriya Ganesha, etc. to add to the happiness and express your love on their special day.

Other special gifts include the laughing buddha, Square Iron Basket Himalayan Salt Lamp, Tableware, Antique Brass Fumer Set.

If you are unsure about gifting these items, choose our gift vouchers. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. The gift vouchers range from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000 which gives the buyer a lot of choices to pick from.

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