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Luc Dionne

I ran into REK about four years ago on Yelp, my Pc had been infected and I needed help. So I called REK, talk to Robbie told him what was going on. The next day one his technicians came by and at the time they said they would! He spent over a hour fixing my computer. When he was done it run great.Now four years latter I had the same issue. So I called Robbie he tried to fix remotely but had no success. We made an appointment for the next day. Robbie showed up on time. He pulled out of my Pc several viruses and a bunch of other things that didnt belong. After that he looked at my printer that wouldnt work and after working on printer told me it was no good anymore. So now my Pc is running great again!When ever I need help in the future with tech. questions, I will not hesitate to call REK! Robbie and his staff have shone them selves to be caring, sincere, honest, professionals that are very capable!! Thank you REK



Great Great Service - Highly recommended - Recently had some computer problems, called up REK after seeing all the glowing reviews on Yelp and Google. I called up to leave a message in the middle of the night about 1 AM and Robbie picks up. I am like uhhh this isnt a recording whaaaa. Told him what was wrong and he comes out the next day. He had to take it back to the shop and had my computer back to me 2 days later. Oh yes and he brought it back out too, I did not have to drive to the shop. Pretty awesome and nice guy. I know he had to spend a bit of time on it being that the Raid controller went poof. Got my PC back all fresh with a new operating system and has been smooooth since. If you are looking for a great computer repair shop - REK is the way to go. Nice person, very informative and kept me up to date. TrustworthyCall REK Computers if need your PC fixed. They are AWEEEEESOME o/Thank You REK & Robbie


Bruce Ambrose

Robby provided outstanding service! Just like the acronym, he was reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable. After an unsolicited and automatic Windows 10 upgrade in the middle of the night, Microsoft Edge stopped working. I read a number of blogs about this specific issue and quickly decided any fix was far beyond my computer dinosaur capacity. I called REK, Robby came out the same day, diagnosed the problems, and recommended an upgrade to my system and re-installing Windows 10. He took the computer back to the shop and returned the next day with essentially a brand new computer that works much faster than the 4 year old off-the-shelf model I had been using. He made sure all my data and bookmarks were backed-up and then put everything back the way it was. I am extremely pleased with his work and responsiveness.


Ed White

I had some Malware that shut down my computer, and i was at a loss. I contacted REK and they answered immediately. I as asked a quick description of my problem, and was told they would be ready to help. I scheduled a time the next day,(even though i could have probably done the same day). Robbie, who is also the owner, came out on time and even gave me a courtesy call to let me know he was on his way. The fix was quick(he definitely knew his way around a PC), and Im up and running again! I will definitely recommend REK to any of my friends and family due to the response and courtesy alone, and I imagine if the other services they offer are at the quality of service I experienced, they are well worth the value.

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Priscilla Teixeira

I had an emergency computer repair situation and took my computer to bestbuy. Even keeping my computer for more than 2 weeks my computer was deemed "unrepairable". I was really upset about the situation and had mentioned it to a friend of mine that had used REK Computers in the past and said that they were awesome. I called REK and they gave me a free estimate over the phone then came out and fixed my computer right in my home in less than an hour. I am extremely relieved that I found a go to company for my computer repair needs. Dont waste your time going to big companies like bestbuy as they can waste your time and give you a wrong diagnosis.


A Private User

I was having issues with a virus that was causing my computer to act really slow and at times completely lock up. I had taken it to geeksquad and ufixibreak, and they both told me only a reformat would resolve my issues but they would be unable to recover my data. I had pictures and important documentation that I could not replace so this was not an option. I called REK and I got the white glove treatment! Not only was his price much better, he was able to clean out my system same day, and my data was left intact. Now it runs better than ever. I will be recommending REK to my friends and family for all future computer repair needs.


Michael Russell

Bought a computer last December and have been having nothing but trouble with and the vendor wouldnt take it back. The manufacturer wasnt able to get it working after 3 attempts. Finally, found REK Computers online and saw they had great reviews. So I gave them a try. They have my computer up and running in less than a week! Even picked it up on a Saturday and delivered it after hours! There was a slight problem with the audio but I was able to reach the owner at 8:30 at night and he fixed the problem immediately. I will definitely use their services again in the future. You cant go wrong! Awesome company!


Mikka Verone

I called REK Computers late one night, at around 10 pm, and received quality service to say the least. He helped me with my "emergency", which wasnt even something that important, but he realized I knew nothing about computers and proceeded to happily talk me through it over the phone. Afterward, I felt embarrassed about my lack of computer knowledge and the fact that I had called so late, but the guy on the phone (who turned out to be Robbie, the owner) was more than happy to assist me, and even THANKED me after. Customer service like this is extremely hard to find these days, so no, thank YOU REK Computers!

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Mathew Miller

This was a great experience. My schedule is very crazy and trying to make it in for regular business hours is impossible for me. Robbie met me at convent places and times that worked for my schedule.The hurricane hit while my computer was at his shop and Robbie kept me up to date regarding the part delivery and worked on it through the night when it arrived. I highly recommend REK Computers to everyone. I do have to point out that I cannot think of another Google review with this many 5 stars and I now see why!Upfront, great service, great communication.


Eastside Braces

Ive been trying to transfer my YouTube video page associated with one Google+ account to my business Google+ account. I searched the internet for about 1-2 hours and finally stumbled on this video. Thankfully it guided me to correctly to the correct procedure for getting this done. I was about to pull my hair out, but thankfully it worked. I am very grateful for REK Computers video tutorial. I think Id still be wasting hours on the net if it werent for this website/user.Thanks!

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