How to Transfer Tokens Between BSC and Polygon Using Xpollinate (2023)

We all know that Ethereum is the largest and oldest network of all the networks used to build smart contracts, develop Decentralized Apps, and process peer-to-peer transactions. The large amount of DApps built on the top of the Ethereum network makes it bulky and overloaded. This results in high transaction fees and slow block time.

However, there are networks available in the crypto space that are high-performing and cheap when compared to Ethereum. But the transfer of assets from one network to another is not that easy. You have to first transfer your assets back to the Ethereum network and then you can move them to your required blockchain.

Doesn’t this seem time-consuming and expensive?

Well, yes it does. Switching assets from one network to another requires time and money.

But that was before the arrival of cross-chain bridges!

Cross-chain bridges are designed to make your crypto life simple. They provide you with a hassle-free platform to seamlessly transfer assets from one chain to another blockchain at low fees and in less time.

One such bridge that allows easy switching of assets between BSC and Polygon network is

Developed by 1 hive DAO and powered by Connext, this bridge enables easy transfer of assets from one chain to another.

Now, let’s dive in to see what it is and how it works?

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How to Transfer Tokens Between BSC and Polygon Using Xpollinate (1)

What is is a cross-chain bridge that allows you to Swap DAI, USDC, USDT tokens among xDai, Polygon, and the Binance Smart Chain networks.

In the backend, xpollinate uses Connext to enable fast, non-custodial transfers between different EVM-compatible blockchains. You can see the available liquidity for each token on each network while navigating through the website. You can only swap the assets from one chain to another if the liquidity for that token on the specified chain is available.

Before getting to the topic of transferring tokens between the BSC network and the Polygon network using, let’s take a quick look at the Binance Smart Chain Network and the Polygon network.

What is Binance Smart Chain Network?

Binance Smart Chain is a different blockchain that runs in parallel with Binance’s native chain i.e., the Binance Chain. It is primarily developed to introduce programmable applications onto the Binance network like Smart Contracts.

The main objective of building this network was to overcome the issues that most De-Fi users experienced with Ethereum based DApps which have higher transaction fees and slow block time.

However, the developers made the Binance smart chain network EVM compatible. EVM refers to Ethereum Virtual Machine. EVM compatible means that Ethereum based DApps, tools and other components can easily be migrated to the Binance Smart Chain Network without much modifications.

BNB is the native utility token for the Binance network. It is the same for both Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain Network. Binance tokens follow BEP-2 standard while BSC tokens follow BEP-20 standard which is the same as that of ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum Network.

Any transaction carried out on the Binance Smart Chain Network requires a nominal transaction fee (known as the gas fee to complete the transaction). This has to be paid in the form of BNB only.

What is Polygon Network?

Polygon is a multichain scaling solution for Ethereum. The network aims to solve the problem of Ethereum’s large transaction fee and time by using a layer 2 sidechain that runs parallel to Ethereum blockchain.


Polygon helps to increase the final throughput from the Ethereum Blockchain by using plasma technology that processes transactions off-chain before finalizing them on the Ethereum mainnet.

MATIC is the native token for the Polygon network which is built using the ERC-20 protocol. Users can use it to pay the transaction fee and stake them to make the polygon network secure. You can buy MATIC from any of the centralized and Decentralized exchanges listed here: Coinbase Pro, Binance, and 1inch Exchange.

How to use

It’s pretty simple to navigate and use this website. All you have to keep a wallet ready to use with the BSC network and Polygon network entact in it. In this article, I am using my all-time favorite wallet, Metamask.

Scroll down to learn how to add these networks to your Metamask wallet.

If you don’t have your Metamask account ready to use please refer to our article on How to install and use Metamask? Here, I am directly proceeding with adding the networks to the Metamask account.

To add Polygon Network, follow these steps:

  1. Open Metamask.
  2. Click on the Hamburger icon on the right-hand side.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Scroll down to click Networks
  5. Hit ‘Add Network”
  6. Enter the details as listed below in each column

Network Name: Matic Mainnet


ChainID: 137

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Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

  1. Click Save
  2. Now you are successfully connected to Polygon Network.

To add Binance Smart Chain Network follow the below steps:

  1. Follow the same steps from 1 to 5 as guided for the polygon network
  2. Enter the details listed below to add BSC network

Network Name: BSC Mainnet


ChainID: 56, or 0x38 if 56 doesn’t work

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

  1. Hit Save to add the network.

You can also add the third and the last network that supports as at the time of writing this article – xDAI STAKE.

(Video) Polygon net to BSC chain using kyberSwap & Xpollinate

Enter the information provided below to add the xDAI STAKE network to your Metamask account.

  1. Follow the same steps from 1 to 5 as guided above and then enter the details provided below followed by hitting the Save button to add the network.

Network Name: xDai STAKE


Chain ID: 100

Symbol: xDai

Block Explorer URL:

Now, let’s move on to see how to transfer your assets between the networks:

  1. Go to
  2. Click to connect your wallet.
  3. Select Metamask and hit connect.
  4. A pop up appears asking you to connect your Metamask wallet to
  5. Click next and then connect to interact with
  6. Once you are connected, your account address and the selected chain will appear at the top-right of the website.
  7. Select the chains “from which” and “to which” you want to transfer the assets.
  8. Make sure to switch the network to copy the receiver’s account address to avoid any loss of funds.
  9. Enter the receiver’s address.
  10. Now, select the cryptocurrency that you want to transfer from the list of available options.
  11. Once you have entered all the required details, check them again to verify they are correct because if any one of them goes wrong you can lose your funds, and no one responsible for it other than you do. So, take my advice and make sure that the details are correct before you proceed.
  12. Click on the blue button which says “Cross-chain transfer”
  13. Now, you will receive some requests in your Metamask wallet asking you to use your tokens at
  14. Click to confirm and proceed.
  15. Now, it’s time to enter the amount that you want to transfer.
  16. Once you enter the amount you wish to send, the website will automatically show you how much money the recipient gets after the completion of the transaction. It will also show you the estimated fees that will be charged during the process.
  17. Now, click on the Swap button to transfer the tokens from one chain (say BSC) to another chain(say Polygon).
  18. The process might take 20-30 secs of time to complete the transaction meanwhile please do not refresh the page or push any button.
  19. Once the transaction is complete you can switch and see the balance on your account on a different chain.
  20. It’s done.
  21. Similarly, you can use any chain and currency to transfer the assets among them.


Can I transfer any asset from one blockchain to another using this bridge?

Currently, supports the transfer of USDT, USDC, and DAI only. You can only play around with these assets only. If you want more blockchains and currencies to be added to the network you can send a request to the xpollinate community using their DISCORD channel.

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Before you go…

Now, you see how easy it is to transfer your assets from one chain to another using a cross-chain bridge. We should definitely thank these developers for making our crypto journey a lot easier.

The future lies in connecting blockchains using such techniques that pave an easy path for transferring assets from one chain to another with low transaction fees and low response time.

The website is still under the Beta phase, so users are requested to use the website at their own risk. Please do your own research or consult your financial advisor before taking any action in the crypto space.


How do I send tokens from BSC to Polygon? ›

How To Transfer Funds From Polygon to BSC
  1. Step 2: Select the source and the destination chain. ...
  2. Step 3: Select fee token. ...
  3. Step 4: Select the asset you wish to bridge from Polygon to BSC. ...
  4. Step 5: Enter the number of tokens you wish to transfer.

How do you bridge a BSC to a Polygon? ›

Setting up Metamask
  1. First, log in to Metamask (you can download it here if you don't have it already).
  2. Once you're in, click on the drop-down menu at the top. ...
  3. Once there, click on [Connect to a wallet] as shown here. ...
  4. Once you've connected the wallet holding your IDEX-BSC tokens, you can prepare the transaction as follows.

How do I transfer tokens to a Polygon network? ›

Sending Assets To Polygon

Click “Sign” and you will be directed to their bridging portal to transfer your assets from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon. Simply select which tokens you want to send, and click “Transfer”. It should take about 7-8 minutes to deposit your funds.

How do you transfer a smart chain to a Polygon? ›

Swapping from BSC to Polygon:
  1. Connect your MetaMask Wallet ( or use WalletConnect to connect your wallet to www. ...
  2. Choose your exchange destination (from BSC to Polygon, or vice-versa).

Can I transfer from BSC to Polygon? ›

Thanks to the Router protocol, users can seamlessly move funds from Polygon to BSC at a very low cost.

How do I send BNB from smart chain to Polygon? ›

  1. Go to Quickswap and connect Metamask. Your Metamsk should be selected as Polygon (Matic) Network.
  2. Select PBNB and swap your PBNB to any token in MATIC Network.
28 Aug 2021

Can you bridge any token to Polygon? ›

Here's how to bridge assets to Polygon

Both bridges can be used to transfer tokens from Ethereum to Polygon and vice versa, but they are different in their approach to security methods. The PoS Bridge is the most popular and straightforward for transferring ETH and most ERC tokens.

Is Polygon ERC20 or BSC? ›

POLYGON BSC (MATIC) ERC20 Token in Binance Smart Chain Mainnet. Token is implemented as ERC20 smart contract with address 0x52459834ca561cb55411699e9c2143683bcf865f .

How do you convert bep20 to Polygon? ›

Bridging your tokens from BEP-20 network to the Polygon network.
  1. Step 1 (Evodefi): Go to (Minimum $50) or via the MetaMask browser and press unlock wallet on the website.
  2. Step 1 (Xpollinate): ...
  3. Step 2 (Evodefi): ...
  4. Step 2 (Xpollinate): ...
  5. Step 3 (Evodefi): ...
  6. Step 4 (Xpollinate):

How do you send ERC-20 tokens to a Polygon? ›

Transfer using Web UI
  1. Open
  2. Make sure Ethereum Mainnet is selected in Metamask.
  3. Click on Metamask. ...
  4. You will be asked to sign a Signature Request to make sure you have access to the wallet. ...
  5. I chose DAI token from Ethereum.
  6. Click on Transfer.

Is Polygon an ERC20 token? ›

Polygon is EVM-compatible and a better alternative for Ethereum token developers as it charges lesser gas fees and enables quicker transactions. As an ERC20 token development company, we have deployed hundreds of ERC-20 smart contracts on Ethereum and have bridged them to Polygon mainnet.

How can we transfer assets from BSC to Polygon network? ›

Connect your MetaMask wallet with Binance Smart Chain network. Select the coin you want to sent (only $DAI, $USDC and $USDT supported) Select Matic Mainnet. Fill in the receiver address (this can be the same MetaMask wallet address as you use on your BSC network).
This bridge supports:
  1. xDai Chain.
  2. Matic.
  3. Fantom.
  4. BSC.

How do you move assets from a Binance smart chain to a Polygon? ›

Navigate to the Send menu and select the asset to send. Use the From and To menus to select the source and destination networks. For example: To bridge ETH from your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) account to your Polygon (MATIC) account, select (Send) ETH, (From) BSC, (To) Polygon.

Can I send BNB to Polygon network? ›

To use the bridge, please visit the Bridge section of anyswap. exchange while connected to Polygon and choose BNB. Moving BNB from BSC to Polygon is free. In order to instead move BNB back to BSC from Polygon to BSC, you choose redeem instead of Deposit.

How do I switch from BSC to Matic? ›

How to bridge BNB Chain to Polygon Network (MATIC)
  1. Connect your Metamask wallet to Synapse.
  2. Select BSC or Polygon as your current chain, and then your destination chain.
  3. Input the amount of USDT or USDC you would like to bridge.
  4. Confirm the transfer and wait for 3 minutes.
20 Sept 2022

How do I send USDT Binance to a Polygon? ›

6 Steps to Add USDT to Your Polygon Wallet
  1. Log in to your verified Binance account and buy USDT. ...
  2. Add the USDT token on your Metamask under the BSC Network. ...
  3. From Overview, go to your Wallets and click Fiat and Spot to see your credited USDT.
  4. Withdraw your USDT from your Binance to Metamask Wallet.
26 Oct 2021

Can I bridge USDT to Polygon? ›

'Bridged' USDC on Polygon

A bridge connects two blockchains and enables users to bring digital assets from one chain to the other. Specifically, the Polygon Bridge exists to bring digital assets from Ethereum, such as USDC, over to Polygon.

Is USDT compatible with Polygon? ›

In addition to Polygon, USDT is supported on the Omni Layer blockchain, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Liquid, Algorand, Solana, Bitcoin Cash (SLP), Kusama, and Avalanche.

Can Binance send to Polygon network? ›

Binance.US Now Supports Polygon (MATIC) Mainnet for Deposits & Withdrawals. Binance.US today added support for mainnet Polygon (MATIC) tokens. Customers can now deposit and withdraw mainnet MATIC tokens using their Binance.US wallet.

How do I transfer coins between networks? ›

Here's a recap:
  1. Go to bridge. ...
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet.
  3. Select the network you want to transfer TO and FROM.
  4. Select the asset you want to transfer.
  5. Click “Swap” and “Confirm Swap” and sign the transactions in MetaMask (and hardware wallet if using) to start the transfer.
  6. Click “Sign to Claim Funds” and voila!

Is BNB Smart chain same as BEP20? ›

BEP2 Tokens are Native to the BNB Beacon Chain, while BEP20 Tokens are Native to the BNB Smart Chain. Binance is the world's largest centralized crypto exchange by volume, with a trading volume of $9.5 trillion in 2021, representing 67% of centralized exchange volume for that year.

How much does it cost to bridge to Polygon? ›

Will require you to pay $0.02 approximately as a transaction fee. Step 5: After crossing all the checkpoints of the Matic Bridge, you will have to pay the gas fee, then wait for the transfer to be confirmed on Ethereum. Once this is done, the transfer from Polygon to Ethereum will be completed successfully.

Does Polygon Bridge have fees? ›

You would receive a message asking for confirmation about connecting the Metamask wallet to the Polygon wallet. It is important to note that you don't have to incur any Polygon Bridge fees for the signature.

How do you transfer assets to a Polygon? ›

Select the asset you wish to transfer from the drop-down menu (in this scenario, ETH) and then input the amount for which you want to swap your assets. Click on “Transfer”. The hole process should take from 5-8 minutes, and you'll be able to see the updated amount on Polygon network.

Does Matic work on BEP20? ›

Binance has completed the wallet integration for the Polygon (MATIC) mainnet token and has also opened deposits and withdrawals for MATIC. In addition to supporting MATIC mainnet token deposits and withdrawals, Binance will continue to support deposits and withdrawals of ERC20, BEP2 and BEP20 MATIC tokens.

Is Polygon better than BSC? ›

Polygon has the advantage of being compatible with Ethereum, and attracts multiple projects that migrate due to high gas fees. Additionally, some projects coexist on Polygon and Ethereum. BSC on the other hand has more curated projects coming in from Binance Launchpad and Binance NFT.

Is BSC and ERC20 address the same? ›

If you've made any BEP-20 or ERC-20 deposits into your wallet, you might have noticed your Ethereum and BSC wallet addresses are identical. So, for example, if you choose the wrong network when withdrawing your tokens from an exchange, you can easily retrieve them from the other blockchain.

Is Matic bep20 or erc20? ›

The Matic ERC-20 token will be pegged at a 1:1 ratio with the Matic BEP-2 token. A total of 10 billion tokens will exist simultaneously on both chains at any single time.

How do you add a BNB to a Polygon? ›

Follow these 5 steps and add MATIC tokens in your Polygon Wallet with almost zero gas fees!
  1. Step 1: Convert your MATIC tokens to BNB. ...
  2. Step 2: Send your BNB to your MetaMask Wallet. ...
  3. Step 3: Convert your BNB tokens to Matic Mainnet (PBNB) using the Orbit Bridge. ...
  4. Step 4: Get some FREE MATIC tokens from Polygon Faucet.
18 Oct 2021

Is there a swap for Polygon? ›

Where Can You Swap Polygon Tokens? There's an increasing number of platforms that facilitate Polygon crypto swaps. Some of them are crypto payment apps like Kasta, crypto exchanges, crypto swap sites, crypto wallets, a dedicated Polygon swap exchange, and more.

What is the token address for Polygon? ›

The corresponding TST token address on Polygon testnet is 0x2d7882beDcbfDDce29Ba99965dd3cdF7fcB10A1e .

Is Polygon a bep20 token? ›

Ethereum scaling solution, Polygon, has announced the discontinuation of its BEP-2 tokens. Polygon launched the MATIC BEP-2 token in 2019n after its MATIC listing and integration with the Binance DEX and its main chain (not the Binance Smart Chain).

What wallet is used for Polygon? ›

Coinbase is a Polygon wallet that enables you to sell, transfer, buy, and store digital currencies. It supports more than 100+ countries and is used by more than 35 million people. You can store all your NFTs and crypto coins in this Matic Wallet.

Can I use trust wallet for Polygon? ›

Download Trust Wallet for Polygon (MATIC) The mobile app works with several crypto tokens and blockchain wallets. With Trust Wallet, you are in control over your funds. Receive, send, store and exchange your cryptocurrency within the mobile interface.

How do I convert BNB to Polygon Matic? ›

How to Exchange BNB to MATIC?
  1. Select the cryptocurrencies to buy and sell.
  2. Provide the sum to buy or to sell, the other value will be calculated automatically.
  3. Copy the wallet address to which you wish to get the funds.
  4. Make the requested deposit to the wallet address provided by the website.
  5. Get the funds.

Can Binance withdraw to Polygon? ›

Binance recently introduced the ability to perform withdrawals from their platform directly to the MATIC (Polygon) network 🌐. This means that the rather complex bridging procedure normally required to get funds onto Polygon can be entirely avoided by those users from countries where use of is allowed 🧐.

Is Polygon network suspended Binance? ›

Binance Temporarily Suspends Polygon Transactions Citing an Unidentified Network Issue | Technology News.

How do I add a BNB to MetaMask Polygon network? ›

Adding Polygon tokens to MetaMask
  1. First, head to PolygonScan and find the token contract and details of the token you'd like to add. ...
  2. Return to MetaMask and click [Import tokens].
  3. Copy in the token's contract address and MetaMask should automatically fill in the rest of the details. ...
  4. Click [Import Tokens].
14 Jan 2022

How do I transfer BNB to Polygon Matic? ›

How to swap BNB to MATIC on LetsExchange?
  1. On the page, choose the coin that you wish to exchange and the number of coins,
  2. Choose the cryptocurrency to buy,
  3. Provide the wallet address to get the exchanged funds,
  4. The next step is depositing the coins needed for the exchange for MATIC,
17 Jan 2022

Can I send BNB from Polygon to BSC? ›

Moving BNB from BSC to Polygon is free. In order to instead move BNB back to BSC from Polygon to BSC, you choose redeem instead of Deposit.

How do I transfer from Binance to Matic network? ›

  1. Convert any token on Binance to MATIC.
  2. After converting any token to MATIC you should see this on your screen.
  3. After converting your token to MATIC press wallet and then on spot. ...
  4. In withdrawal you need to add your MATIC address, go to MetaMask and copy your address which also has access to the MATIC Mainnet.

Does Binance work with Polygon network? ›

Binance-Peg BUSD is now extended to Polygon to provide users with a fast and secure way to transfer the USD-backed stablecoin across different blockchains.

How do you transfer a Matic from a Binance chain to a Polygon? ›

The steps:
  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet with Binance Smart Chain network.
  2. Select the coin you want to sent (only $DAI, $USDC and $USDT supported)
  3. Select Matic Mainnet.
  4. Fill in the receiver address (this can be the same MetaMask wallet address as you use on your BSC network).
  5. Press “SWAP”

How do I transfer assets between Polygon and Binance smart chain? ›

Navigate to the Send menu and select the asset to send. Use the From and To menus to select the source and destination networks. For example: To bridge ETH from your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) account to your Polygon (MATIC) account, select (Send) ETH, (From) BSC, (To) Polygon.

Can I swap BNB for Matic? ›

Despite the fact that BNB and MATIC are such an exotic exchange pair that there's no price chart for this pair to pull up — you can still easily swap BNB to MATIC at SwapSpace.

Is Matic BEP20 or erc20? ›

The Matic ERC-20 token will be pegged at a 1:1 ratio with the Matic BEP-2 token. A total of 10 billion tokens will exist simultaneously on both chains at any single time.


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