Pokémon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum In-game Tier List Discussion (2023)

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Pokémon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum In-game Tier List Discussion (1)

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum In-game Tier List Discussion (2)

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum In-game Tier List Discussion (3)

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Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Version
In-Game Tier List Discussion​

What is an in-game tier list?
In-game tier lists rank Pokémon according to their usefulness during the main portion of the game — that is, until the credits roll for the first time. In-game tier lists provide players with the information needed to complete the game as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. For competitively-minded players, this approach to playing the game gives them more immediate access to useful items, TMs, and HMs.

What are the tiers?
In this in-game tier list there will be seven tiers (Or possibly more). Pokémon that are the most useful belong in the S-Tier, while Pokémon that are the least useful belong in the F-Tier. The tiers are as follows:

- S-Tier
- A-Tier
- B-Tier
- C-Tier
- D-Tier
- E-Tier
- F-Tier

Pokémon are tiered based on several factors:
- Availability: When the Pokémon can be first found, and how rare. Earlier Pokémon tend to rank higher.
- Typing: What is the Pokémon's typing and how useful it is in the game. More useful typings tend to rank higher.
- Stats: What their base stats are like and how they contribute to a team. Pokémon with better stats for in-game runs tend to rank higher.
- Movepool: What the Pokémon's movepool is like and how it contributes to a team. Pokémon with wider and more useful movepools tend to rank higher.
- Major Battles: How the Pokémon fares against key match-ups in the game. Pokémon who perform better against more major battles tend to rank higher.
- Other: Other aesthetics like abilities, levels, can minorly contribute to a Pokémon's tiering as well. Note that a Pokémon's physical appearance has no impact on its tiering!

Basically, Pokémon who are ranked higher in the tier list tend to be found earlier in the game (or at a higher level), can win more match-ups from the game's various trainers (including the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and Team Galactic), and have stronger movepools (usually being able to learn more TMs, HMs, and Level-up moves). They may have other useful qualities, such as more useful abilities, faster growth, or self-healing moves.

Note that tier descriptors are just a guideline, they are not meant as laws to be strictly enforced.

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Which Pokémon are available in Pokémon Diamond Version, Pokémon Pearl Version, and Pokémon Platinum Version?
(very much wip - I'd appreciate some assistance with this)
These three games added 107 (check) new Pokémon to the franchise, and the game's Pokédex itself contains 150 Pokémon (210 in Platinum), ranging from the newly discovered to classics such as Abra and Gastly. Below, you can find a list of locations as well as the Pokémon that appear in each location. These locations are listed in the order they can be accessed in the game (though you may have to backtrack to get to them, eg Fuego Ironworks). Routes and Pokémon that only appear in the post-game are omitted from this list. A Pokémon is only listed in the area in which it first appears in the wild. All in-game trades and gifts are listed.

The following information contains spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled, look away now!

So far this is only complete for Platinum
[G] = This Pokémon is given to you by a NPC (possibly as an Egg).
[IN] = This Pokémon is an interactable encounter.
[T] = This Pokémon is obtained via in-game trade.
[D] = This Pokémon can only be caught in Pokémon Diamond.
[D*] = This Pokémon is first found here in Pokémon Diamond only.
[P] = This Pokémon can only be caught in Pokémon Pearl.
[P*] = This Pokémon is first found here in Pokémon Pearl only.
[Pt] = This Pokémon can only be caught in Pokémon Platinum.
[Pt*] = This Pokémon is first found here in Pokémon Platinum only.

Route 201: Turtwig [G], Chimchar [G], Piplup [G]
Route 201 (after capture tutorial): Starly, Bidoof, Kricketot
Route 202: Shinx
Old rod: Magikarp
Route 204 south: Budew, Wurmple, Zubat
Ravaged Path: Psyduck
Route 203: Abra
Oreburgh Gate: Geodude
Oreburgh City: Abra [T]
Route 207: Machop, Ponyta
Oreburgh Mine: Onix (along with Steelix, if yes trade)
===GYM 1===
VALLEY WINDWORKS: Buizel, Pachirisu, Shellos
Honey trees: Aipom, Heracross, Burmy, Combee, Cherubi
Note that the first Munchlax tree can range from this point to after Surf becomes usable.
VALLEY WINDWORKS (after defeating Mars): Drifloon [IN]
ETERNA FOREST: Gastly, Hoothoot, Buneary
ETERNA CITY - Chatot [T]
UNDERGROUND - Shieldon [P/Pt] [Fossil], Cranidos [D/Pt] [Fossil]
Route 211 west: Meditite, Chingling, Bronzor
Mt. Coronet 1F: Cleffa, Nosepass [Pt]
===GYM 2===
Old Chateau: Rotom [Pt]
Eterna City (after defeating Jupiter): Togepi [Pt][G]
Route 206: Gligar [Pt]
Route 208: Ralts [Pt]
Hearthome CITY: Eevee [Pt][G]
===GYM 3===
Route 209: Chansey, Duskull [Pt], Spiritomb [IN] (if yes trade)
Good rod: Goldeen, Barboach, Finneon
Solaceon Ruins: Unown
Route 210 south: Scyther [Pt]
Route 215: Lickitung [Pt], Marill
Veilstone City: Porygon [Pt][G]
Route 214: Rhyhorn [Pt], Houndour [Pt]
Ruin Maniac Cave: Hippopotas
Valor Lakefront: Girafarig
Route 213: Remoraid, Wingull
Route 212 south: Quagsire, Croagunk
Trophy Garden: Pichu
Great Marsh: Tangela [Pt], Yanma [Pt], Tropius [Pt], Skorupi, Carnivine
===GYM 4===
===GYM 5===
Route 210 north: Swablu [Pt]
Surf: Tentacool
Route 221: Sudowoodo [Pt*]
Fuego Ironworks: Magnemite [Pt], Magmar [Pt]
Route 218: Mr. Mime [Pt*]
Iron Island: Steelix (if no trade), Riolu [G]
===GYM 6===
Mt. Coronet B1F: Feebas
Route 216: Sneasel, Snorunt [Pt], Snover
Route 217: Swinub [Pt]
===GYM 7===
Mt. Coronet mountainside: Absol [Pt]
Distortion World: Giratina [Pt][IN]
Lake Acuity: Uxie [IN]
Lake Valor: Azelf [IN]
Lake Verity: Mesprit [roaming]
Route 222: Electabuzz [Pt]
Route 223: Mantyke

(Video) A Controversial Tier List of Every Pokemon Game

Untiered Pokémon

Cresselia - Not available until Postgame
Heatran - Not available until Postgame
Giratina (D/P), Dialga/Palkia (Pt) - Not available until Postgame
Any other Pokémon not obtainable before beating the Champion, or that can only be obtained via earlier Generations or Events.

(Video) Pokemon Gen 4 In-game Tier List: Reject Humanity, Return to Chimchar | Diamond and Pearl

What is, and what is not being tiered?
A Pokémon that is not being tiered is not being so if:
-They come from an event
-They cannot be captured/obtained until the postgame
-They cannot be caught in-game

Trade Evolution
Pokémon with trade evolutions will be tiered separately, one entry for "with trading" and one for "without". If both with and without are classed in the same tier after most things are tiered, they may be merged.

Current Rankings
These can be found in the next few posts. Note that Platinum will initially have a separate tier list; this may be merged if the two lists are sufficiently similar.

Use the following format when submitting a write-up for a Pokémon:

[IMG]<Sprite URL>[/IMG]
Availability:[/B] When does this Pokémon become available? Is it easy or hard to encounter and catch?
[B]Stats:[/B] Describe how a Pokémon's stats make it excel. Is it a deadly sweeper or a strong wall? Discuss why you would use this Pokemon thank to its stats.
[B]Typing:[/B] Discuss this Pokémon's typing in a sentence or two. Is its STAB efficient or not, does it have any great resistances or glaring weaknesses?
[B]Movepool:[/B] Describe this Pokémon's movepool in a few sentences. Does it have many effective movepool options through level up? Is it overreliant on TMs to function? Does it have access to useful HM's to help you traverse the region?
[B]Major Battles:[/B] Describe how the Pokémon handles the major opponents throughout the game. Notable opponents and battles include the Gym Leaders, battles against various (named) members of Team Galactic, the various rival battles, the Elite Four themselves, and the Champion. Try to avoid spoilers if possible!
[B]Additional Comments:[/B] Discuss any miscellaneous information not covered in other sections here. Factors such as experience growth, abilities, and other lesser characteristics can be discussed here, as well as (opportunity) cost - does it require constant healing, highly sought-after TMs (eg Earthquake), or expensive Game Corner items, for example? The entry can be wrapped up here as well.

Please write professionally.

Some guidelines to follow:
- No glitches allowed.
- No trading in Pokémon from other games. For back-and-forth trading to evolve Haunter, Kadabra, etc., read above.
- We do not decide the tiering of one Pokémon based on its performance relative to another Pokémon. It does not matter if Pokémon X does the same thing better than Pokémon Y; if both are good enough for the same tier, they will be placed as such. (e.g. Ponyta should be E-Tier, because Chimchar does its job way better)
- [placeholder re underground Spiritomb] - resetting for odd/even TID in Pt to get Cranidos/Shieldon is fine because it takes like 2 minutes, this should be noted in their writeups though
- Have fun!

Feel free to dispute and discuss other users submissions, but please, no flaming. Normal forum rules apply here. Finally, this is not the place to talk about the games in general.

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This will be done in a few phases. First, initial tiering and placing, then writing up the entries, then finally reviewing placings and write-ups. Then we will attempt to get it on-site.



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