Your Turn To Die - vgperson's Translations (2023)


Enter the door. Go up the stairs.

Check the stone monument. Check the coffin. Check the other coffin that appears. Check all the new coffins, then the center coffin again.

Talk with all the Dummies. A scene will occur after talking to the last one.


Spoiler about the mechanics of the battle: If you don't win after 9 turns (not counting turns while it's staggered), the battle will end with Anzu dying.

Have Keiji observe or Q-taro/Kurumada attack to learn that its body is electrified. This allows Q-taro and Kurumada to properly attack it.

Attack with Q-taro/Kurumada twice to destroy both the helmet and the armor.If you have Hayasaka search, he'll find a Shovel, which allows Hinako to attack and destroy the helmet/armor too.(Also, selecting Mai will "bring back" Q-taro as an option.)

Have Gin search to find a Flaming Stick.Stagger the monster with Q-taro's throw, Ranmaru's trip, or helping Anzu (appears if the monster gets enough turns).Have Hinako/Sou/Kanna burn it while it's staggered.

Deal the finishing blow with Reko/Alice/Hinako (requires Shovel) or Kurumada.


Proceed past the stone monument. Take the Floor Map on the left side of the gate.

Go to the boxing ring. Try to enter the passage in the back.

Boxing Ring Puzzle

Spoiler about the mechanics of the puzzle: If you don't solve it after 9 turns (stopping the left flow buys you up to 3 turns depending on how early you do it), you get a game over.

Inspect the liquid. Have Reko/Alice check the walls to slow the filling speed.

Inspect the shadow on the floor. Have Keiji grab the knife from the ceiling.

Inspect the ropes. Have Mai cut the soft ropes.

Inspect the cord coming out of the back-left post. Have Ranmaru change the back-left post to be yellow.

Search 2

Proceed through the passage (or just Move) to the gallery. Check the painting of Midori.

Visit the elevator room and the room with the red door. In the locker room, check the stain on the ceiling. A scene should trigger as you leave the last room.

Go to the room with the closed door and symbol of two people. Check the symbol. Go inside.

Check the drawer to get a paintbrush and paints. Leave the room.

Go to the gallery and check the unpainted picture to color it in. Flip the breaker on.

Go to the elevator and press the up button.

Go to the locker room. In the "battle," just keep advancing turns.

Go to the elevator.

Search 3

Pick up the map from the floor.

Go to the locker room and check the two objects on the shelves.

Go to the classroom and check what's on the blackboard. Optionally, check the bag on the desk.

Go to the police box and check the car.

Go to the library.

Go to the office and check the turned-on screen.

A scene should trigger after exploring every room. Point out the center of the map, and go to the library if you aren't already there.

Take the collar on the desk. Check the monitor that turns on.


Library Battle

Spoiler about the mechanics of the battle: If you don't win after 8 turns (Hayasaka can set the timer back, Q-taro may set it forward), the battle will end with Hayasaka dying.

Have Reko/Alice search to find a smartphone. Have Ranmaru/Hinako destroy it.

By this point, Kanna/Sou should show up. Have them search to find an alarm clock. Have Ranmaru/Hinako destroy it.

Go with Keiji's suggestion.

(Note: If you have Gin search, then have Mai use the item he finds, you get a game over.)

Search 4

Go to the office and take the Yellow Book. Go to the classroom and take the Green Book. Back on Floor 4, go to the Discussion Room and take the Red Book.

Go to the boxing ring and talk to Kurumada. Go to the cemetery and talk to Q-taro. Return to the boxing ring and talk to Kurumada again.

Go to the library on 5F and insert all four books into the open spaces. Go up the stairs.

Talk to Midori. Go to the control room and check the monitors.

Go to the cemetery. Try to leave.

Keep checking on Keiji.

Cemetery Battle

Spoiler about the mechanics of the battle: If you don't win after 9 turns (not counting turns while Midori is staggered), the battle ends a bit differently, but has the same ultimate outcome.

Pick Kanna/Sou; this should make Q-taro appear. Have Q-taro approach Midori. Pick Kanna/Sou again; they'll be stopped by Kurumada.

If Keiji is downed, calm him to get him back up. Have Q-taro grab Midori's leg. Pick Kanna/Sou one last time while Midori is staggered and Keiji is up.

Search 5

Talk to Midori. Talk to Ranmaru. Check the center coffin and talk to Keiji. Select the collar, then the lit monitor next to it.

Go to the control room on 5F and check the right monitor. Check the center console.

Go to the office and get the First-Aid Kit from the left shelves. Return to the cemetery on 4F. Talk to Mai and Q-taro, and bring Q-taro along.

Go to the control room and check the center console. Check the right monitor again, and the two new monitors that turn on. Turn off the Pairing function.

Return to the cemetery and talk to Hinako. Go to the classroom on 5F and pick up the Transceiver and ID Card on the desk.

Return to the control room and check the center console. Talk to the AI about both topics.

For optional hints, go to the library on 5F and take the Green Books, which you can read. Go to the Discussion Room door on 4F and enter.

Discussion Room

Spoiler about mechanics: If you take more than 7 turns before the others come in without getting the ID card, you get a game over.

Have Ranmaru be a decoy so Maple's current emotion changes. While Maple isn't angry, have Sara knock on the door to call for help.

Again while Maple isn't angry, have Sara go behind Maple, and push the button corresponding to her current emotion (yellow if happy, blue if sad).

Have Mai read the letter. The goal now is to do actions at the right times to raise the friendship meter, then have Anzu/Sara reconcile when it's at least about 60% full (at least 3 beneficial actions).

Spoiler about mechanics: If you take more than 13 turns in this second part without reconciling, Kurumada will sustain a bigger injury.Beware that both outcomes look pretty similar - however, losing will result in a delayed death for Kurumada later.

Actions to take when angry: Have Reko/Alice be quiet and listen, have Q-taro do impersonations (and hurt himself).

Actions to take when sad: Have Ranmaru give the letter back, have Sou/Kanna give back the handkerchief (after accepting it).

Actions to take when happy: Have Hinako chat, have Kurumada tell jokes, have Sou/Kanna accept the handkerchief (when offered).

Search 6

Move out of the room. Go to the locker room. Go to the elevator and enter it.

Go to the control room. Check the center console. Use the Coffin Control System (far right monitor) to close the shutter, then open the coffins.

(Video) The Your Turn to Die Iceberg Explained!

Go to the elevator and try to use it. Return to the control room. Talk to the AI.

Go to the locker room. Unlock and open the bottom-left locker and take the Lantern. Use the Lantern.

Locker Room Puzzle

Spoiler about mechanics: Using the Lantern or the Floor Map (which appears if you ask for help) passes time.The gravity increases after three such item uses, or immediately if you place an incorrect item.If you don't solve it before 5 gravity increases, you get a game over.

Use the Lantern to reveal pictures on the lockers.These correspond to the rooms on Floors 4 and 5, so you need to put items that correspond to those rooms in the open lockers.

The items that fall out are random, and not all of them are actually useful, but you'll always have the ones you need for the current open lockers.

Left Side (Floor 5)

  • Top-Left (Police Box): Red Siren
  • Top-Middle (Library): Book
  • Top-Right (Office): Laptop Computer
  • Center (Control Room): Broadcast Mic
  • Bottom-Right (Classroom): School Bag

Right Side (Floor 4)

  • Top-Left (Discussion Room): Fancy Cup
  • Top-Middle (Gate): Padlock
  • Top-Right (Ring): Boxing Glove
  • Center (Cemetery): Skull
  • Bottom-Right (Gallery): Palette

Search 7

Enter the passage. Open the safe on the floor.

Check the drawers on the left to find the instruction manual. Check the charger. If Kurumada is missing, go to the elevator to find him. Get him hooked up to the charger.

Go to the classroom and talk to Midori.

At this point, everyone will split up, and you can use the Lantern on the surviving humans for semi-optional events. (You're only required to do this for one person in order to progress.)

Reko's Memory (Locker Room)

Things to point out in the left picture:

  • Reko herself.
  • The person Reko's meeting with.
  • The weather in the background.
  • The long vines on the right side of the window.
  • The sheet music on the table.
  • The guitar case on the ground.
  • The top-right corner of the left building (where there's a camera in the right picture).

Alice's Memory (Locker Room)

Things to point out in the left picture:

  • The face of the guard.
  • Alice's left hand.
  • The design left of "Cell 3," high up above the cell bars.
  • The space between the bed and the poster (where there's tally marks in the right picture).
  • The trash can on the other side of the bars.
  • Next to the bottom of the ladder.
  • The far left of the horizonal cell bar, near Alice's head.

Kanna's Memory (Library)

Things to point out in the left picture:

  • The clerk's face.
  • Kanna's sister (around the body, not the face).
  • The paper ice cream cones on the wall.
  • The hanging light on the ceiling.
  • The window.
  • The empty back wall left of the clerk.
  • The green ice cream (fourth bucket from the left, in front).

Sou's Memory (Library)

Things to point out in the left picture:

  • Sou himself, on the right.
  • Midori, on the left.
  • The briefcase on the floor.
  • The two notes in the top-right, right of the blank monitor.
  • The heater in the bottom-right.
  • The top-left monitor.
  • The far left night cityscape photo at the top.

Gin's Memory (Police Box)

Things to point out in the left picture:

  • Gin himself.
  • The face of the teacher across from Gin.
  • The gray files on the shelves (where there's a black box in the right picture)
  • The big first-aid kit to the right of Gin.
  • The butterfly picture on the whiteboard.
  • The empty top-left part of the whiteboard.
  • The pen holder in the bottom-left (where there's a black pen in the right picture - not the red pen).

Check the red screen in the control room.

Turn on the Lantern in the classroom and check the text that appears to get the Steam Spray Hand.

Turn on the Lantern at the police box and check the interior. Inspect the text to get a finger.

Talk to Ranmaru in the control room about the Shin AI. After doing at least one of the Lantern events and obtaining both body parts, talk to him about Upgrade Parts.

(Video) DEMO 13: Kanna's Song【Your Turn To Die - Death Game by Musical】

Go to the charging room (from the locker room) and get water from the drink machine.

Go to the classroom, turn on the Lantern, and spray steam on the form. Try to leave. Try to leave again after the scene, then talk to Midori.

Go to the charging room and talk to Ranmaru. Enter the passage and inspect the device.

Conduit Puzzle

Regarding the choice at the start: If you ask to reset Sara's charge before starting, Midori makes it harder by starting everyone at one level of charge.

The wiring patterns and who receives the shocks each turn are picked at random, so there aren't guaranteed steps to this.(You can tap Sara to save at any point, though, which can arguably help cheese it a bit.)

The basic strategy: on most turns, you should pick Ranmaru so as to charge him up quickly.He'll do some work resetting people's charges in the process, but most likely won't keep things entirely under control.

As you charge Ranmaru, be careful to keep everyone else at low charge.Switch tactics to reducing charge if there are several people at yellow health (two charges), and definitely prioritize resetting anyone who reaches red (three charges).Be sure to never pick anyone on Ranmaru's circuit other than Ranmaru, lest you lose progress.

Whenever you need to reduce people's charge, pick whoever in the group of three currently has the lowest charge to absorb from the others.Additionally, the more charge you can clear out in one move, the better - look for the group where you can eliminate the most overall charge.

Spoiler about mechanics: Ranmaru needs to reach charge level 4 three times to win. If you fail by someone passing out, Ranmaru will have a delayed death later on.

Search 8

Leave the room. Go to the elevator and enter it.

Go to the cemetery. Use the card reader on the wall, then enter. Check the center coffin. Check the center coffin again.

Go to the gallery and check Maple. Go to the gate for a scene.

Go to the 4F locker room, use the Lantern, and check the picture that appears. Go to the gallery, check the school painting above the left door, and climb up to press the switch.

Return to the 4F locker room and enter the passage. Turn on the power switch in the top-left. Check the door in the back and the drink machine.

Go to the boxing ring. Use the Lantern and inspect the debris. Go to the cemetery and talk to Ranmaru.

Go to the gallery. Go to the 4F elevator. Go to the operating room (from the locker room). Return to the elevator and enter.

Go to the classroom and check the podium.

Search 9

Talk to Q-taro. Check the center coffin. Close the coffins in the order of the numbers (1237654): the three on the left from left to right, the three on the right from right to left, then the center one.

Go to the gallery and turn off the breaker. Check on Maple, then talk to her.

Go to the locker room and open the center locker on the left side. Return to the gallery and talk to Maple.

Use the Lantern and check the school painting above the left door. Go to the locker room and enter the passage.

Turn on the power switch in the top-left. Check the box on the left. Return to the gallery and talk to Maple. Pick up the key on the floor.

Go to the operating room (from the locker room), use the key on the door, and enter. Inspect the silhouette and talk. Check the left console.

Go to the gallery and take the doll head. Return to the hidden room (through the locker room and operating room) and attach the head.

Go to the cemetery and talk to Q-taro. Use the Lantern.

Before choosing to proceed with the plan, you can talk to Q-taro and use the Lantern on him for an optional memory event.

Q-taro's Memory

Things to point out in the left picture:

  • Q-taro's face.
  • The nurse.
  • Q-taro's chair.
  • The television.
  • The curtain on the right side of the window.
  • The baseball-and-bats ornament on the front table.
  • The bed.

Talk to Q-taro and begin the plan. Go to the elevator and check it, then check it again and get on.

Go to the charging room from the locker room. Inspect Kurumada. Inspect the charger. Pick up the papers on the ground. Use the charger.

Return to the elevator and try to enter. Go to the classroom. Try to leave.

Depending on the route, go to the cemetery or the 4F locker room.

(Video) [Vtuber] Your Turn to Die // キミガシネ [BLIND] feat. OBS Gods


Spoiler about mechanics: If you take more than 11 turns without running out Maple's energy, Mai will die.

The goal is to pick actions for the proper AIs to make them consume energy and reduce the bar to zero.A few actions destroy the AIs, but this prevents you from doing actions on them, removes the energy cost of them starting up, and has basically no benefit.

Maple starts with 100 energy, and each turn, uses 5 energy starting up a different AI (unless they've been destroyed).The AIs will attack on specific turns, though there are only two "real" attacks, which will make a particular person unusable for a turn.Additionally, on certain routes (Sou and Ranmaru both alive), there are two extra attacks that make a randomly-picked person unusable for a turn.

Splash (Gin)
-20 energy when used on any AI (one-time use)

Invitation (Q-taro)
-10 energy when used on Angry/Sorrowful AI (only works once for each)

Intimidation (Hinako)
-10 energy when used on Sneering/Frightened AI (only works once for each)

Provocation (Reko/Alice)
-10 energy when used on Angry/Sneering AI (only works once for each)

Persuasion (Kanna/Sou)
-10 energy when used on Sorrowful/Frightened AI (only works once for each)

Fists (Kurumada)
Destroys target (one-time use)

Knife Throw (Mai)
Destroys target (one-time use)

Before the Banquet

Go to the cemetery if you aren't already there. Talk to everyone if you want.

Talk to Q-taro. If he tells you to check on Kurumada, talk to Kurumada, then Reko/Alice, then Kurumada again. Talk to Q-taro and tell him you're ready.

(A spoilery clarification about possible deaths: By the point, Ranmaru and Kurumada will have had their "delayed" deaths if you lost their respective battles earlier.)

Check the center coffin. Go to the gate and enter it. Select one of the coffins. Proceed ahead.

Begin the banquet. Touch either side of the machine to rotate the coffins.

Russian Roulette

(A note about branches: In some cases, people can have meaningfully different statements depending on who is alive.When multiple people are listed, prioritize the first living one in the list.)

Select Q-taro's topic. (You can select Sou/Kanna's topic first, but it won't really lead anywhere just yet.) Present the Lantern to the person who speaks up.

Section 1: Mystery of the Glowing Coffins
Talk to Anzu/Hinako and answer "five." Talk to Q-taro. Contrast those two statements.

Section 2: The Coffins' Lost Glow
Talk to Ranmaru/Hinako (if the latter, she needs to be pressed). Contrast their statement with Kurumada/Gin's.

Section 3: Who Painted the Coffins When?
Talk to Gin. Talk to Reko/Alice/Q-taro. Contrast those two statements.

Section 4: Using the Machine / Using the Hint
Touch the lower part of the platform with the numbers and circles. Select any of the glowing coffins.

Section 5: The Red Lamp's Meaning
Present the Note to Kanna/Sou.

Section 6: Who's the Human?
Talk to Hinako. Present the ID Card to Hinako.

Section 7: Mai's Fingerprint Scan
Talk to Mai/Q-taro and ask if they have any ideas. Talk to Hayasaka/Gin. Contrast those two statements.

Section 8: Defeat Midori
Select one of the glowing coffins.(Spoiler about exact outcomes: Hayasaka will be hit if you pick the coffin with the hint. Kurumada will be hit if you pick a different one.)

Section 9: Midori's Selection
Talk to Midori.

Section 10: Hinako's Blue Lamp
Talk to Gin. Talk to Ranmaru/Q-taro. Contrast those two statements.

Section 11: About Hinako
Talk to Q-taro, pick "the gallery," then present the Lantern to him. Select the painting of the black-haired girl surrounded by blood. Talk to Reko/Alice/Gin. Contrast the two statements.

Section 12: Connection to Hinako
Talk to Reko/Alice/Q-taro. Present the Voice Recorder.

Section 13: The Third Hint
Select one of the glowing coffins that doesn't already have a hint and hasn't been hit. For the target, select either that same coffin, or the first hint coffin if you didn't hit it already. Select another glowing coffin with no hint.

Section 14: Final Gamble
Talk to Q-taro. Talk to Gin. Contrast those statements. Talk to Q-taro again. Use the Lantern on Q-taro and select the final line. Talk to Kanna/Sou. Contrast that statement with Q-taro.

Section 15: The Three Non-Glowing Coffins
Talk to everyone.

Section 16: The Final Hint
Select one of the non-glowing coffins (not the destroyed one). For the target, select one of the two non-glowing coffins other than the one chosen for the hint.

In the war of words, object to "no way Keiji's inside," "dying moments," "maybe Shin," "the type of collar," and "my collar."

(Video) [Vtuber] Your Turn to Die // キミガシネ [BLIND PLAYTHROUGH]


Can you play YTTD on mobile? ›

(Also playable on mobile devices using touch controls. Do a two-finger tap to cancel or close menus.) (Browser version may load slowly, fail to load things, and even break when there's heavy traffic.

Is Your Turn die in English? ›

Game information

It was originally released on NicoNico for the browser. With permission, it's been translated into English by vgperson as Your Turn to Die -Death Game By Majority-.

How long does it take to play YTTD? ›

Main Story2913h 48m
Main + Extras1515h 16m
Completionists430h 07m
All PlayStyles4815h 37m

What is the plot of your turn to die? ›

"Kimi ga Shine" is about high school student Sara Chidouin, who is forced into participating in a Death Game with her best friend, Joe Tazuna. She must figure out why she was chosen for such a detestable game and above all else, survive.

How tall is gin ibushi? ›

Ibushi Gin
Ibushi Gin飯伏 銀
MeasurementsHeight: 138cm, Weight: 35kg
Birthday13 March
11 more rows

How old is Joe YTTD? ›

Alice is imprisoned for the murder of Sou Hiyori. Joe's birthday. Age 16.

Is YTTD a horror game? ›

Your Turn To Die is a horror RPG game by Nankidai. Developed with RPG Maker MV. Currently, it goes up to Chapter 3, Part One B. This game is incompleted and it will be released a part at a time.

How did Kai Satou die? ›

He ended up in the Death Game due to his ambition to protect Sara- when he received an email saying Sara was in the Death Game, he immediately ran to her house to stop her from going home. She didn't listen, however, and both Sara and Kai ended up in the Death Game anyway.

What age rating is your turn to die? ›

Your Turn to Die: Majority Vote Death Game, Vol. 1 5.0 out of 5 stars.
Product Details.
Sales rank:46,100
Product dimensions:4.90(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range:13 - 18 Years
4 more rows
Apr 27, 2021

Who is Sou hiyori? ›

Shin Tsukimi ( 月見 ツキミ 真 シン , Tsukimi Shin?), better known as Sou Hiyori, is one of the 20 chosen to participate in the Death Game. He is a self-proclaimed job-hopper.

Is there a way to save Joe YTTD? ›

Miley calls for the Wrigglers to come and suck out all the blood from his body. He cries in pain as Sara shouts for Miley to let him go. She's handed a button that is supposedly able to slow down the device and has a slim chance of saving him. Sara then repeatedly presses the button in hopes of saving Joe.

Can you save Kanna YTTD? ›

The Player can reasonably expect to be rewarded with a happy ending at the end of YTTD if they make the “correct” moral choices. Saving Kanna feels like the “morally correct” choice on a gut level because she's a child, while Sou is an adult. So the Player may choose to save Kanna purely for logical reasons.

What Colour is Sara Chidouin hair? ›

Appearance. Sara is a teenage girl of average height. She has orange hair kept in a ponytail with a braid that wraps around the side the side of her head.

How old is Mishima? ›

Yukio Mishima
BornKimitake Hiraoka14 January 1925 Nagazumi-cho 2-chome, Yotsuya-ku, Tokyo City, Tokyo Prefecture, Empire of Japan (present-day Yotsuya 4-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
Died25 November 1970 (aged 45) JGSDF Camp Ichigaya Ichigaya Honmura-chō, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Cause of deathSuicide by Seppuku
26 more rows

Does gin die in your turn to die? ›

During the final vote, while he expresses a desire to vote for Sou, Sara pressures him into voting for Kanna so that she can bear the burden of deciding who lives or dies. If Sara then votes for Nao, the Sacrifice, Gin perishes along with everyone else as Sara and Nao win the Death Game together.

Is your turn to die a good game? ›

Your Turn To Die is an amazing game; the interactiveness in it is just enough for a visual novel. In a lot of visual novels, you don't get to choose where you want to explore first, the storyline is set out for you. But in YTTD, you can move freely and choose responses to questions.

Was died is correct? ›

"Had died" is correct. "Was died" is incorrect.

What preposition is used after died? ›

In fact, with the verb 'die' comes the preposition "of" if someone dies of a specific disease or some reasons which is well-known. The preposition "from" follows if something leads to death. 1. To die of (Hundreds of the tribals die of Tuberculosis in India due to negligence.)

What is the noun form of died? ›

death the anniversary of his wife's death an increase in deaths from cancer He died a slow and painful death.


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